by The Interloper

You sit at the computer,
Not caring what you do,
You're waiting for an email,
One that's addressed to you.

You type your hotmail password,
For the millionth time,
You're waiting for an email,
Or for ICQ to chime.

But there are no new messages,
Just an empty, silent screen,
The sight of your empty "inbox",
Is enough to make you scream.

The night starts to get later,
And still it hasn't come,
You turn off your computer,
And kill the machine's hum.

Next morning you are up again,
And forced to go to school,
You're still thinking of your email,
And you're feeling like a fool.

As soon as you come home again,
You switch your computer on,
And as Windows™ happily greets you,
The machine once more will hum.

You connect up to the Internet,
And wait for things to start,
But still you've got no email,
And feel a sinking in your heart.

That night you load it up again,
Fearing for the worst,
And again you type your password,
Hoping to break the curse.

And there you see an email,
Sent later in the day,
And the subject heading reads:
"Sorry for the delay!"


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