An Ode to Insanity

by Johnno

Im bored,I want to roll
But only have one paper..
The shops are too far
Can't be arsed with that caper..
Shall I go to the fridge
And fill my mug with brew..
So I can get blind drunk
And let my mind stew..
Or should I just settle
and numb my brain with TV
Or stand naked on my roof
So the neigbours see me..
Shall I drive my car
And crash at full speed
Or hack away at my flesh
To see how much I bleed
Should I shoot that dog
Who just shit on my lawn..
Or burn down its owners house
and kill their first born..
Should I go get a gun
go loony killing people
and show no remorse
with a cackle that is evil..
I know what ill do
Cos its me versus them..
Ill go to bed and then get up
And start the cycle again..
Get ready,go to work
and do a job to pay the bills
and go through life
with no reward for my skills..
This game called life
has many obstacles you see..
But one things for sure
The bastards will never beat me..


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