About Climbing a Tree and Shooting a Monkey

by The Interloper

I was on a holiday,
A tropical paradise is where I did stay.

And on the beach on golden sand,
A large palm tree saw fit to stand,
So way day at the crack of dawn,
I got dressed and went along.

To climb that tree,
It was my plan,
To reach and grab and maybe hang,
Until I did but reach the top,
And then most probably I would drop.
So without asking myself any questions,
I packed my AK47.

Up and Up, I did not falter,
Higher and Higher, above the water,
And when I did but reach the top...
An angry monkey claimed his spot.

"This here MY tree!" Screeched the Monkey,
He was getting slightly grumpy,
I pulled my gun and pumped the trigger,
The monkey did but fall and quiver.

So then I went and climbed on down,
And buried the monkey in a mound,
And headed off towards the bar,
That Monkey had gone too bloody far.


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