MS Paint Masterpieces


"MS Paint Masterpieces" (2004) by @Poxican

"Bill Hicks fighting an anaconda on the moon, in a boxing ring, with alien spectators" (2004) by Pulling Teeth

"Osama Bin Laden jumping out of a birthday cake for George W. Bush with performing circus llamas in the background (please)" (2004) by @Poxican

"A homeless person explaining the theory of relativity to a child that can't find their parents" (2004) by Pulling Teeth

"A great moment in history if the world was run by chimpanzees" (2004) by @Poxican

"The Wiggles Battling the most ferocious rodent you ever saw. On top of the Opera House." (2004) by plop

"Medieval knights fighting Terminators as Rome burns" (2004) by Pulling Teeth

"Whatever your favourite celebrity gets up to in the middle of the night..." (2004) by @Poxican

"Smithers and the Village People dancing on a stage"

"Jerry Springer fighting Oprah who's in a tag team with Dr. Phil" (2004) by @Poxican