Madlibs / Interactive Stories

Place yourself and your friends in a variety of unlikely situations and adventures in these Interactive Stories.

Almost an Aeroplane Disaster
Apparently aircraft are actually one of the safest ways to travel, although that doesn't stop many people from being terrified of them. But how will you and your friends cope when you're ALMOST in an aeroplane disaster..?

Going to the Desert
Who knows what you can expect when you get a phonecall from a friend informing you that they're going to the desert... and guess what? You're going too!

The Interactive Action Movie
Will you save the day, or be reduced to a bloody pulp?

Babes and Bastards - The Interactive Soap Opera
You know those cheesy daytime soap operas that you claim to have never watched? Well now you and your friends can star in your very own episode of one!

Space Trek
Everyone knows that space is an inhospitable place, but you never would have guessed just how inhospitable. What adventures will you and your friends experience onboard your very own intergalactic spacecraft?

House of GUTS
Celebrity ghosts, secret doors and more await you and your friends as you attempt to stay for a night in the House of GUTS.

Friday the 15th
This was the first (and last!) interactive story to feature a random outcome. When you and your friends travel to a secluded cabin for a holiday, it almost seems obvious that one of you will turn to murder before the weekend is over. Can you guess who it will be?

Adventure to Mole World
What begins as just another day at the beach with your friends quickly turns into an adventure... an Adventure to Mole World!

Interactive Slasher Movie
Weapons, murder, intrugue and all starring you and your friends. Which of you will survive the Interactive Slasher Movie?

The ORIGINAL Jerry Springer Script
Put yourself and your friends into an episode of Jerry Springer! This is the original Jerry Springer Script generator first created in 1999. In a matter of weeks, dozens of uncredited copies began to appear all over the internet, while at the Shrine itself over 1 million unique scripts were generated.

Jerry Springer's Kinky Sex Special
If there's one thing more disturbing than a regular episode of Jerry Springer, it's a Kinky Sex Special...

Springer 3.0
Based on the popularity of the ORIGINAL Jerry Springer Script, this lets you and your friends take part in a brand spankin' new episode of the world's most dysfunctional talk show!

Assassinate a Celebrity
Let's face it, at one time or another we've all wanted to assassinate a celebrity. Now, with the help of your best friend, you can!

Assassinate a Celebrity... Again!
Satisfy your blood lust by assassinating a celebrity... again! But what surprises will your chosen victim have in store for you this time?

Interactive Neighbours Episode
Times have changed in Ramsay Street since this interactive story was created, so this probably won't make sense to you unless you remember Felicity Scully and Harrold Bishop! Paul Robinson hadn't burnt down Lou's Place yet either...

That's all... for now.

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