Australia's Obsession with 'Big Things'

By Ophelia

Recently, as some of you may be aware, Interloper and I went on a mini-holiday to the Barossa Valley in our home state of South Australia. We had a lovely relaxing time, and it made us appreciate what a fantastic country we live in and how diverse the land can be. One minute you could be driving on a long, straight road through dense, bronw scrubland, and the next minute you'll be on a lovely winding road through the hills, completely surrounded by lush greenery.

On the way back from our two night holiday (with a lovely six person spa), we stopped off at the Big Rocking Horse in a small town called Gumeracha. The Big Rocking Horse is exactly that - a BIG rocking horse, although it doesn't actually rock. I think most young South Australians have fond memories of the Big Rocking Horse from their childhood. I must admit, it did seem a lot bigger when I was small. You can actually climb up and stnad on the big Rocking Horse, although several years ago, you could climb right up the top via a very steep ladder. After climbing the stairs to the main lookout today, I have to admit I'm not surprised that they stopped people climbing rigt up to the top. Especailly with my fear of heights, and boy would that be high. The Big Rocking Horse is a drawcard for the fantastic woodedn toy store to which it belongs. Being the kids that we are at heart, we couldn't resist going and playing with the toys while we were there.

Anyway, all this is bringing me to the point of my rant: What is Australia's obsession with big things?

I did a little bit of searching, and came up with a rather extensive list of Australia's Big Things. Feel free to let me know if I've missed any.

Big Apple: Stanthorpe, Qld

Fair enough I suppose, especially when you see what else is on the list. Apparently they grow a lot of apples in Stanthorpe.

Big Avocado: Byron Bay, NSW

Apparently this avocado of large proportions is in a place called Avocadoland, rather appropriate I suppose. I've heard of people liking avocado, but this is just silly.

Big Banana: Coffs Harbour, NSW

This large banana can be found at a theme park based around bananas of all things. This one goes in the same category as the apple and I'm not surprised by this one, considering Australia has such a large banana industry.

Big Bottle: Mangrove Mountain, NSW

Probably one of the stranger Big Things that Australia has to offer. Apparently there are more than one of these big bottles in this spot, only problem is they're hidden away on the grounds of a local club, so very few people actually ever see them. They're like some kind of advertising for a nearby vineyard or something...alcoholics delight I say.

Big Bull: Wauchope, NSW

As if bulls aren't already big enough. The most disturbing thing about this bull is that you can go in it, through it and on it...not that I could possibly imagine why you would ever want to.

Big Cheese: Bega, NSW

No picture unfortunately, but I'm sure you can use your imaginations.This is (obviously) where the well known brand of Australian cheese - Bega comes from. I see the logic behind this one, although I'm still wondering who makes all these Big Things and why.

Big Cow: Nambour, Qld

Must we glorify things that we breed to kill and eat? Or perhaps it's a tribute to all our fallen cows.

Big Guitar: Tamworth, NSW

This gigantic guitar apparently stands outside the Australian Country Music Wax Museum, which as a non-fan of country music, I have never heard of. It does look pretty impressive though. Tamworth is Australia's country music capital. Think Nashville, only smaller.

Big Lobster: Kingston, Vic

As if lobsters aren't freakish enough at normal size. This lobster apparently houses a cafeteria which sells a range of lobster products. At least it serves a purpose I guess.

Big Macadamia: Nambour, Qld

Big nuts hey? Makes you wonder what will be next...

Big Merino: Goulburn, NSW

This one looks huge. Another tribute to animals getting used and abused by us I guess.

Big Orange: Tenterfield, NSW

This one goes in my apple and banana category, although one has to wonder how much oversized fruit a country actually needs.

Big Oyster: Taree, NSW

I think I've let my intense dislike of oysters cloud my opinion on this one, but why do we have a big oyster? Yuck. Can't think of anything worse. Bring back the nuts! Anything but oysters.

Big Peanut: Kingaroy, Qld

Ok, that will teach me for not paying closer attention to my list. Here we have another nut. AT least I can say I've heard of Kingaroy nuts, but's a nut!?

Big Pineapple: Nambour, Qld

This is one of the more well known Australian Big Things. I've even been here before. Admittedly I was very young and don't remember it, but I've seen photos. We now officially have enough big fruit in Australia to make an oversized fruit salad.

Big Potato: Robertson, NSW

One question...Why? Apparently they grow a lot of potatoes here, but still as if that would be enough to inspire you to build this monstrosity. It gets funnier still...the public toilets of 'Potato World' are inside, although they were closed a long time ago. No wonder this thing is more commonly referred to as 'The Big Turd'.

Big Prawn: Ballina, NSW

I guess prawns kind of fit into the lobster category. Prawns are a bit freakish and I don't really see why we need to have a big one, especially a big one that lights up at night.

Big Trout: Adaminaby, NSW

Many of you who use IRC may be familiar with slapping people around with a large trout, but this is just ridiculous.

Big Windmill: Coffs Harbour, NSW

I thought windmills were already pretty damn big.

Big Yabby: Somewhere in NSW

Another one with no pic, but I'm not so sure I want to imagine this one. Put it in with the lobster and the prawn. Again the question begs to be asked...why?

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